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In-Sync  Speed Razor v5.5


Speed RazorThe most powerful realtime digital video editing and compositing software for Windows NT & 2000 - Now with improved batch capture! Speed Razor an invaluable tool for long and short form professional editing projects for film, television broadcast, animation, and multimedia. It provides important improvements in batch capture and print to tape, expands hardware support, and fixes a number of outstanding software issues. Speed Razor also provides a Garbage Matte and other effects. Speed Razor 5.5 is available as an upgrade from Speed Razor 4.x/2000/X.

Speed Razor is built for high-speed, high-quality editing and compositing. The interface is streamlined and fully multi-threaded for fluid workflow. Editing tasks have extensive keyboard and mouse shortcuts, with new trim and preview options, letting you work quickly and accurately through all phases of a project. And it delivers dramatically fast processing speed for video effects.        
Speed Razor features multiple preview windows, a stand alone VU meter and new customizable tool bars, adjustable color schemes, and other user options.

Developed for a broad range of professional post production and broadcast needs, in-sync Speed Razor features multiple input and output up to D1 quality, full field rendering, no project length limits, flexible effect compositing tools, and real-time audio mixing (up to 20 tracks).

Files, Import and Output
  • Edit full screen uncompressed / lossless / compressed online D1 quality images for NTSC or PAL output
  • NTSC/PAL file conversion in software
  • Read and write BMP, DIB, JPEG, TGA, CIN (Cineon), RAW (Sony Playstation), SGI RGB (Silicon Graphics) WAV Audio, MJPEG and Video for Windows AVI
  • Direct Export of MPEG from the timeline
  • Import and export CMX, Grass Valley, and Sony BVE EDLs
  • Full 64 bit color depth for Cineon and SGI files
  • Share files among supported video hardware formats when working over a network
  • Export to Library option for rendered areas on timeline
  • Automatic scale on import
Capture and Print to Tape
  • RS-422 deck control for automatic batch capture, recapture, and frame accurate print to tape (compatible with UVW1800, PVW 2800, BVW 70, AJD 750 and many other professional level video decks)
  • SMPTE timecode support (VITC, LTC, and Control track)
  • Drop frame and non-drop frame timecode support
  • Input Firewire, D1, SDI, component, s-video, and composite video
  • Auto recapture video at a higher quality after editing
  • Audio VU meters for capture and batch capture
Project Management
  • Automatic storage for audio, video and work files in project folders
  • Automatic drive control for audio and video storage
  • Individual settings per user and customizable interface preferences
  • Automatic hardware detection
  • Auto save and save multiple versions of a project
  • Customizable Library bin holdings by file type, time, length, and key words
  • Ability to attach and separate video and audio files
  • Tools for searching and replacing items in project
Video Editing Features
  • Edit and play back video with multiple layers of effects and transitions in realtime
  • Edit and play back still image sequences in realtime
  • Unlimited video and audio tracks
  • Advanced trim functions: Edit clips on timeline or in Library, trim result and source timecode, slip trimming
  • Scrub video and audio at variable speeds forward or reverse using "sticky" or "non sticky" jog/shuttle control
  • Apply markers during video and audio playback; move, edit and add notes to markers
  • Split, trim, cut, select, place and move clips with keyboard shortcuts
  • Insert edit and fit-to-gap placement
  • Change video speed with fully adjustable frame rate; automatic speed change for fit-to-gap insert
  • Storyboard options: Organize, trim, select multiple clips, play sequences, move as a group to Composition Window
  • Multiple, named levels of undo/redo
  • Timeline view in drop or non-drop frame
  • Filmstrip, end pictures, and titles only options for viewing clips on timeline
  • Ripple or non-ripple editing modes; move individual clips or as a group
  • Edit large images and long image sequences
  • Extensive zoom capabilities using keyboard shortcuts
  • Virtual editing: Edit items from batch capture list before capturing
  • Loop playback for editing audio and video
  • Edit in 24 fps mode (with compatible hardware)
  • Composite on unlimited layers of video tracks
  • View and edit multiple layers of effects with no generation loss; apply effects to multiple tracks simultaneously
  • Composite film size images with resolution independence
  • Color difference (chroma and luma) keying (in realtime with some hardware)
  • Still or traveling matte compositing with new, key-frameable Garbage Matte tool
  • Mask (alpha channel) compositing, enable and invert masks for effects
  • Use skip overlay and self background options for complex composite images
Audio Editing
  • Mix six to twenty stereo tracks in realtime (depending on hardware)
  • Mix unlimited audio tracks in non-realtime
  • Supports up to stereo 16 bit, 48 kHz uncompressed, DAT quality input and output
  • Adjust volume level and pan in real time (single or multiple clips) using mixing faders
  • Automatic interpolation and anti-aliasing, and audio dampening
  • VU meters during editing, capture, and print to tape
  • Select individual clip waveforms or dual waveforms for stereo tracks
  • Audio voice over: Record voice over during video playback
  • Audio master gain control
Effects and Transitions
  • Field rendering for all special effects and transitions
  • Anti-aliased and field rendered motion path generator
  • Apply transitions between multiple tracks
  • Quick placement of transitions and effects using keyboard shortcuts
  • Adjustable quality settings and frame lock for quick previewing of effects
  • Bezier curves for smooth adjustment of effects and transitions
  • Scalable parameters and advanced node conrol
  • Render in field or frame mode
  • Wide range of transitions including wipes, fades, dissolves, and mattes
  • Over 50 effects including: Garbage Matte, 3D DVE, blur, crop, image filter, gradient, ripple, color correction, emboss, gamma, scale, chroma key, and travelling lens flares
  • Preview video on VGA screen and external monitor, user preferences for preview
  • Resizable source, result, and playback preview windows on VGA screen
  • Speed and quality settings for certain software video effects
  • Windows NT 4.0,  2000 & XP
  • Video capture hardware support: DPS PVR Perception & Matrox Digisuite series
  • See System Requirements page.
  • Compatible with major animation packages: 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Softimage and others
  • Software plug-in support for Ultimatte, Inscriber, Boris Effects, Spice Rack, Hollywood FX, and others (for more information see our website)
  • New compatibility standard (k-sync) for third party hardware and software developers
  • Telephone and email tech support
  • Priority support options available
  • Product upgrades, troubleshooting support, online documentation, and information on user bulletins available from website

Features listed here are subject to change without notice. Please check the InSync website for latest features and compatibility information. Price information

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